Industrial Application

Closed circuit water cooling system

Cooling for induction melting furnace equipment and furnace body

Casting / foundry is the core industry for international market. And the manufacturing process is utilizing High/ Medium/ Low Induction Furnace to melt different material into liquid iron.

Cooling in casting is an important process as it affects the production rate and the machine operating stability. Cooling is needed in:

1.Induction heating on electric circuit.
2.Cooling for furnace body

produces heat energy required to be cooled anytime. Otherwise, the induction furnace will be not capable of operating normally due to overheating of circuit system. Therefore, that the water quality is highly demanded and the pure water is usually used as cooling water.

Melting furnace utilizes induction furnace that melts the iron, stainless steel, or copper. At this time, heated furnace is required to be cooled and avoid the highest temperature on furnace body. If the blockage of water pipe interferes with temperature cooling, this will harm heating equipment. To effectively cool temperature, the water quality is the priority we have to consider because the water quality is the reason that cause in the blockage on water pipes.

Therefore, cooling requirement is highly needed in the casting industry. In addition to effective cooling, water quality is also important since the impurity will normally cause blockage in the cooling pipe.

Effects of scaling in casting / foundry cooling

The cooling water quality is the highly demand for most casting industry. It��s the reason that pure water is used as cooling liquid entering to induction furnace.
Because the place full of dust and scaling (Carbonate Calcium) usually causes in blockage of limscale on the heat exchanger. Even worse, the temperature is not able to effectively lower, further contributes to the shutdown problem of casting machine.

Most customers inquiring about Casen Closed Circuit Cooling Tower almost ask for the solution of solving limescale blockage on heat exchanger caused by poor water quality.

Solution of scaling problem on casting / foundry industry

In long-term view, the stability of closed circuit cooling tower is much higher than plate heat exchanger. Therefore, Casen Heat Transfer also suggest that closed circuit cooling tower totally replace the open cooling tower with heat exchanger. This is the reason why more and more customers choose Casen closed circuit cooling towers for their induction furnace cooling system.

Casen closed circuit cooling tower utilize internal heat exchanger of cooling tower separate cooling water for equipment (for inner water) and cooling water for cooling tower (outer water) to ensure that cooling water is always clean for casting or heating equipment.

There are several advantages of Casen Brand Closed Circuit Cooling Tower:
1.Increase in heat rejection area, 100% cooling capacity guaranteed.
2.Good quality heat exchange coil, reduce in potential of forming scaling.
3.Automatic spraying water make up system, to prevent the increase in limescale concentration.
4.Decreasing the shutdown situation caused by overheating.
5.Stainless steel water tank pump station and control cabinet available for option.
6.Automatic temperature control available, easy for operation.
7.12 years experience profession in casting cooling system, reliablity and durability make you peace of mind.

For further information about Casen Closed Circuit Cooling Tower, please contact our service manager directly. Thanks for your reading.