Casen Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd. History

2020 Event

Casen new factory was officially put into operation, expanding its area from 18,000 square meters to 35,000 square meters.


2018 Event

Casen Established industrial intelligent equipment company, the products to intelligent upgrade, through the SGS, STUV certification, the new factory started to build, rated as a national high-tech enterprise.


2017 Event

Casen research and development of adiabatic cooling technology was started, and the adiabatic cooling tower was successfully produced


2013 Event

Casen started to develop and produce air condensers. In the same year, the company passed the ISO9001 management system certification.


2012 Event

Casen company established the research and development department of refrigeration evaporative condenser, and started the research and production of evaporative condenser.


2011 Event

Casen started to enter the field of industrial circulating water cooling in the international market, and reached cooperation intention with many countries, and officially engaged in import and export trade.


2009 Event

Casen company was established. Focus on water cooling technology of foundry industry.